I am delighted to be featured in Artist Portfolio Magazine’s flagship issue alongside many wonderful artists from around the world! This is an online magazine, saving trees, yay! My portrait entitled “Fly” is on page 18.





I’ve just finished this painting and submitted it for the “New Waves” art show at the Contemporary Arts Center in Virginia Beach. Hoping it will get juried in.  The title of this painting is “Clowns on Velvet.” It is illustrated as a childhood nightmare vision, so angles, shadows, and light play are all distorted.  There are several powerful fear symbols in this painting, but the one element that everyone who has seen the painting thus far fixates on is the “clown on velvet” paintings in the background. I’ve gotten responses like, “I hate those clowns!” and “Those clowns are so creepy!” Seems that clowns on velvet are universally reviled, hence the title!

Clowns on Velvet